Our Partners and Senior Experts

We do not only speak six languages....

Linda von Delhaes-Guenther

Managing Director & Founder
Tel: (215) 279.9040
Email: delhaes(at)ahpi-inc.com 

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Stefan Peikert

Managing Director & Founder
Tel: (215) 315.0091
Email: peikert(at)ahpi-inc.com   

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Jack Rosenbloom

Managing Director & Founder
Tel: (215) 315.0090
Email: rosenbloom(at)ahpi-inc.com     

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Lynda Arsenault

Senior Consultant & Strategist Foreign Direct Investment
Tel: (215) 279.9040
Email: arsenault(at)ahpi-inc.com

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Lydia M. Sarson

Principal Consultant U.S. Operations & Shareholder
Tel: 215.330.2941
Email: sarson(at)ahpi-inc.com

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Holger Deimann

Executive Advisor International Business Development
Cell     267.945.1840
Email: deimann(at)ahp-international.com  

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More Managing Partners and Representatives of AHP International in Europe. By klicking you will leave AHP International Inc. and be directed to AHP International, Berlin/Germany.

Nicola Pinder
Managing Partner Creatives Loop International, Berlin


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Henrik Hjelm
Representative AHP International in Sweden, Stockholm


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