Advantages of Operating out of Germany

Make Europe's economy #1 your European hub

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and the powerhouse of the continent. It's GDP equals that of the complete US East Coast (without FL) and it's import volume exceeds one trillion US-Dollar. Germany has also taken on a high level of political leadership within the European Union.

Located in the heart of the European market, Germany makes the most of the unprecedented economic growth in recent years and enjoys an open and modern approach to doing business. In metropolitan areas like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Stuttgart surviving in English is no longer a challenge. Business travel nefeits from an excellent road, air and high Speed rail travel infrastructure.

Germany is easy to reach from all Major Airline hubs in the USA. Direct flight Connections include Germany's largest Airport in Frankfurt as well as Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

Last but not least, there are strong historical ties between many parts of the United States and Germany – in our U.S. host State Pennsylvania more than 30% of the Population  are of “German Origin” - and this iys just one example. Germany is one of America's closest allies and shares the values of democracy and freedom of entrepreneurship.

Traditional US Hubs in Europe no longer work

Many US companies have in the past used London, Amsterdam or Paris to locate European operations. In today's Europe these traditional US hubs for Europe no longer work due to the dramatic changes in Europe's economic and political landscape.

London and the United Kingdom are constantly distancing themselves even further from the EU (BREXIT process of exiting the European Union) and thus from the Economy on the continent. Already today political decisions such as not being part of the Euro zone or the Schengen visa zone complicate efficient business processes. In UK they say the rest of Europe is "overseas" on the continent....

Likewise, the Netherlands have struggled to sustain economic growth for almost half a decade now. Countries like Poland have established themselves as dynamic centres of European growth. The “heart” of Europe has moved east resulting in heightened logistical challenges for the rest of the continent. European Distribution Centers are no longer by nature based in the Netherlands or Belgium but in East Germany or Central Europe.

France is suffering dramatically from an extremely weak economy as well as problematic political conditions required for the much needed reform packages to encourage a higher efficiency in industry & commerce. French is no European Business language and the French business culture is in most aspects totally different from the rest of Europe. France is driven by a striong hierarchy and an elite System which is unique on the continent.

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