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We are the World's Business Hub for North America

The United States is the world’s largest single market and the most dynamic marketplace in the world.  With a population of more than three hundred million and an economy accounting for approximately twenty five percent of global GDP, the United States leads the way in virtually all business categories, including technology, life sciences, aerospace and many other key business sectors. The unique entrepreneurial spirit, optimism and “can-do” attitude of American business and workers is ingrained in its culture and continues to drive the market forward.

AHP International, Inc. is your gateway to the United States business markets.  We are an integrated, full service strategic consulting firm and your “one-stop shop” to enter US markets.  AHPI is the world’s “Business Hub for the USA” and your “Partner.”

With its headquarters in the Philadelphia suburbs, AHPI is strategically located in one of the largest metro areas in the USA.  Philadelphia, the only UNESCO world heritage city in the USA, is a major center of culture, education, healthcare, technology and life sciences in the USA, and it is geographically located within a one day drive of approximately forty percent of the US population.

Entering the US Market

A successful entry in the US market requires expert guidance from the very beginning. Mistakes made entering the US market are often costly and can lead to substantial expenses and in some cases even cause a premature exit from the US market. Typically, a  successful entry into US markets requires, among other things, knowledge of local, regional and national markets, operational know-how, work-force requirements, understanding fiscal obligations, practical on-the ground presence in sales and marketing and robust costumer service from the start. AHPI, through its team of experienced consultants, has the experience and “on-the-ground” know-how to guide you smoothly through the process.  We want to help you enter the USA “right” from the beginning! 

Growing  Your Business in the USA

Whether it is acquiring other businesses, merging with strategic partners, investing in businesses to generate financial return, or working out a lucrative deal with wholesalers and distributors,  dealmaking  is a fundamental part of doing business in the USA.   American businesses like to make deals and often do so quickly and frequently.  This process can be intimidating without the right guidance, but can be very lucrative and satisfying if you have the right team in place.  In addition to guidance on organic growth, including, strategy, operations and implementation and execution of initiatives, AHP has the experience and expertise to successfully guide you through the deal making process in the USA from start to finish, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. 

Your “Partner”

Unlike other larger consulting firms, that offer clients impersonal and “on-size-fits all” solutions implemented by inexperienced consultants,  AHP International believes in an individualized approach to consulting services using experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  We believe that our clients’ time and money are too valuable for them to waste time educating consultants on their industries and working through formulaic solutions. 

At AHP International, we tailor our advice and solutions for your individual needs as a true “partner” in your business. Whether it is entering the US market or providing on-going consulting, we truly listen to our clients and craft highly customized solutions that deliver what our clients really need.  We do much more than create deliverables, our team of experienced consultants, led in the USA, by experienced professionals Jack Rosenbloom and Stefan Peikert, is readily available to guide during all stages of your business life cycle and align ourselves with your success.  We firmly believe that your success is our success. 

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