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Access your marketplace around the world with AHP International

Approaching markets around the world  in all their diversity can be a daunting task for any experienced and well-connected enterprise. At AHP International we recognise companies' individual requirements and help you create your own global success story. Our consultancy approach combines a wide range of efficiently targeted business development services. We are there to help you grow your business in all your global growth and volume markets!

What makes AHP International unique:

  • One stop-shop model for all your global activities
  • Partner presence all around the globe
  • Sector-specific expertise
  • A special Focus on Europe through German eyes


Specialists in Strategy, Growth & Implementation

We pride ourselves in applying the appropriate analyses tools for the appropriate needs and subsequently defining the most efficient strategic approach in entering the market. However, success isn't defined by analyses only, therefore key emphasis lies on a hands-on implementation approach and delivering results.

AHP International uses its European offices in Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany. We operate a global network of consulting partners on the ground in business destinations around the globe. With more than two decades of market presence we are an experienced player ready also for your business.

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