• Going for Global Markets?

    We are America's One-Stop-Shop for Global Business

    AHP International is one of Europe’s leading providers of global business development, strategic consulting, trade promotion and foreign direct investment advisory.  

    For over two decades, AHP International is operating a network of consultants throughout the world, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America.

    As a result, we are uniquely positioned to serve all your international needs and provide access to international markets from a single source. With AHP International “on-the-ground” in the USA, we offer US businesses professional access and expertise in entering and developing international markets.

    AHP International’s consultants are specialists in Strategy, Growth & Implementation. We deliver with American spirit and German Quality - a combination hard to beat!


  • Writing your American Success Story?

    Market Entry & Business Growth from Coast to Coast

    The United States is the largest single economy in the world. Market opportunities for innovative products and services are virtually unlimited.

    However, entering the US market and growing a business in this specific environment presents a variety of  challenges, which can get in the way of your success. Fortunately, you have an experienced partner to guide you effectively.  

    We are prepared to advise your business in all aspects of your US business expansion, ranging from strategyand partner/client searches to business advisory and and finding potential merger and acquisition partners.

    AHP International has the expertise to help you avoid costly mistakes and guide your business to its own “American Success Story”