Why focus on Europe?

Target America's largest export market

Europe is one of the world‘s largest and most robust import markets and it accounts for up to 25% of the United State's total exports. Within Europe, Germany continues to be the largest economy, with ongoing growth and a massive technological impact. Countries like Sweden, Poland and the Baltic states together with South East Europe have established themselves as European „Emerging Markets“. These were in 2015 the largest exsport markets for the U.S. in Europe (in order of Magnitude):
1. United Kingdom
2. Germany
3. The Netherlands
4. Belgium
5. France
6. Switzerland
7. Italy
8. Spain
9. Turkey (yes we still think it is Europe)
10. Ireland.

Europe offers opportunities in virtually all main export sectors like Chemicals, Medical Devices & other Life Science Industries, Automotive & Mobility Electronics,  Information Technologies, Software, Transportation Equipment, Energy Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail & Services and Digital Tech / eCommerce.

Major Challenges of Doing business in Europe

Dealing with  20+ markets with 5-10 business languages and 30+ business mentalities is not always easy. Learn More

Your Sales to Europe should almost equal your sales to Canada!
Does it or can you do better?

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