Major Challenges of Business Development in Europe

Europe is an attractive and at the same time diverse and compelx market

A number of major challenges can be encountered when embarking on a business development process in Europe.

First of all, there are 20+ markets with 5-10 business languages and 30+ business mentalities. The market potential is often hard to assess and not always related to the size of the economy of a sub-market or region. Inevitably, questions arise: Where to start? Where to go next?

Once one of Europe's local markets has been entered the real work just starts.  

Similar to the US, a principal is required to control marketing and market management in order to fully exploit the large market potential. However, it is next to impossible to implement a successsful area management remotely from the United States. Still employing a team on the ground in Europe can be just too expensive given the existing business volume in Europe during start-up.

Additionally, American exporters are often trapped in a network of contracts with European distributors, limiting speed and flexibility and making it difficult to implement a successful key account management on the ground. Direct sales to European key accounts suffers from the time difference and a wide range of logistical challenges. The perceived distance from the perspective of the European client can kill a close and trustful relationship right fom the beginning

AHP International helps addressing the challenges of European Business Development

We offer our European foothold as your hub into the market. We help you set up a professional efficent and most of all successful market Management on the ground:
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