USA Consulting Services

Your key to success from coast to coast

AHP International's service range covers all phases of your successful market entry, business expansion and ongoing operations in the United States. Unlike many other consulting firms  we believe in tailoring our consulting services to the specific needs of every client's business.

The following is a list of some of the types of services we offer our clients.  Of course, this list is not inclusive of all we have to offer, since we are always adding more services, so please check back from time-to-time.   We are always happy to speak with you about your business needs and objectives and will craft a customized solution for your business.  Please contact either of the leaders of our US team, Jack Rosenbloom or Stefan Peikert, to find out more.

1. Feasibility Study for Market Entry

Businesses that enter new markets, especially in new and unfamiliar countries, without a proper understanding of the viability of their products or services in the new market often struggle to succeed.  This is why a feasibility study is an essential step to a successful entry into a new market.  Over two decades of advising international clients on market entry into new countries,  has enabled AHP to develop a proprietary methodology for determining feasibility of market entry for clients.  

Our Feasibility Study for Market Entry (FSME) uses an extensive international database and internally developed resources, through which our consultants carefully apply our clients’ objectives to our models to assist them in making the determination of whether entry into a particular market is viable, before they decide to move forward.  

The FSME is much more than just a typical written feasibility study that is common among consulting firms.  In addition to the written deliverable, it is also an action plan to move forward with AHP guiding you through the process. The FSME is typically implemented as a multi-phased project, with the initial phase consisting of a detailed written deliverable; a second phase which typically includes in-person contact and meetings with potential in-market partners; and a third phase in which AHP consultants can finalize and negotiate in-market business.  This detailed multi-phased process is invaluable to clients performing a partner search, if they elect to ultimately move forward. Of course, we are always open to customizing the FSME solution (i.e. modifying or reducing the phases) to fit our clients’ needs.

2. Development of Strategy

Once the decision has been made that entry into the US market is feasible, the typical next step is to develop an effective market strategy.  Often a difficult, but necessary step for businesses, a market strategy is essential to the success or failure of a business entering an unfamiliar market.  AHPI has significant experience helping clients in a wide range of industries develop an effective market strategy.  

While our process for developing an effective market strategy varies come client to client and , depends on a number of factors, including among others, industry, business lifecycle, expected demand, one thing remains consistent---our commitment to listening carefully to your needs.  We are equipped to offer you guidance on strategic planning,  capital investments, resource availability and costs,  geographic site selection and establishment and prioritizing of sales regions and customers.  In our commitment to being your partner throughout the operation of your business,  AHP can also provide you with proprietary market research and periodic updates to your market strategy, when market conditions  may necessitate a change. 

3. Business Partner and Key Account Searches

Any AHPI partner or key account search once again draws upon our extensive experience and knowledge regarding international companies and employs proprietary research and methodologies to identify the best potential partners.  All searches are multi-phased, based on primary research and executed in an interactive proccess with the client. On request we take care of all logistics and support our clients in initial interviews and presentations, e.g. with distributors or future key accounts.

4. Business Set-Up and Ongoing Operation

AHP International is your true partner on the ground.  Through our team of consultants and our extensive network  in the USA, we serve as are your on-the ground project manager, regardless of whether you are physically here or are starting with a virtual presence.  We offer our clients “turn-key” solutions to get started and will help you navigate the USA and free you up to focus on your business.  However,  our relationship doesn’t end there, we will continue to guide you as your strategic advisor business to make sure your business grows and flourishes in the USA.

5. Mergers and Acquisitions in Business Development

In the United States Mergers and Acquisitions are very often an appropriate tool to grow and sustain your foothold in the market. The market size requires a strong presence which is often easier to buy in than to build up from scratch. AHPI helps you to identify and evaluate the right deals for you and to successfully navigate both through through due diligence and integration phase. We can act as integrator bringing in the suitable professionals required to technically close the deal. Once this is achieved the true work starts. AHPI does not turn away like many deal consultants would naturally do. Here is where we bring in also our cultural experience being American and International at the same time. We assist our clients in successfully turning a deal's potential into to true benefit for the US business expansion.