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Translating your Unique Local Proposition into successful FDI Business Attraction Strategy

Attracting global FDI has become a crucial part of Economic Development all throughout North America. International investors are seeking to add high quality jobs and value chain to the local or regional business community. They are reliable taxpayers and see Economic Development Agencies as their natural partners. The right international investors also add elevated value to the local business ecosystem.

AHP International is a partner for North American Economic developers aiming to attract global investors. We assist in setting the strategy then executing with on the ground support in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and even Africa. Attracting FDI between the United States and Canada is another important focus of our activities related to Foreign Direct Investment.  

Stefan Peikert and Lynda Arsenault are experienced FDI consultants with a combined several decades in business attraction throughout North America and globally. They are experts in setting up, managing and executing your business attraction program anywhere in the world.

AHPI is perfectly prepared to serve Economic Developers seeking to attract American and Canadian FDI. With our global networks, we are connected coast to coast in North America. More importantly, we understand how to access U.S. and Canadian C-level executives and their key influencers when they are busy preparing international investment decisions.

In Europe we operate out of our Offices located in Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. We collaborate with a wide-ranging network of associates and strategic partners throughout Europe and the world. We are focused on providing the necessary experience and market access to deliver valuable support in generating leads and result-based measurable outcomes. Together with our global network of FDI-consultants we offer a single source solution for international business attraction success.

At AHP International, we are skilled in providing sector specific campaigns derived from our client’s Unique Local Proposition. We have delivered business attraction programs focusing on numerous sectors ranging from ICT, Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Services, Insurance & Re-Insurance, Mobility, Energy, Food & Food-Processing to Aerospace & Defense, Maritime Industries, Logistics, Medical Devices, digital Health, Life Sciences and Biotech.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will showcase how your program can benefit from our expertise and hands-on approach all tailored to your business success. Our Service-Range:

  • Strategy development: definition of the ULP (Unique Local Proposition) and a marketing approach tailored to the client's needs
  • Generation of leads, projects and actual investments: 
    • Marketing campaigns – direct marketing
    • Roadshows
    • Trade fair meetings
    • Press campaigns
    • Investment seminars/participations in trade fairs and industry events (also as stand-alone-projects)
    • Retention & Business Expansion
  • Complete and thorough representation to potential/actual investors (AHP International as the on-site "face" of our clients)
  • Initiation of International Business missions and hosting delegations to our client’s destination

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