Holger Deimann

Executive Advisor International Business Development

Holger Deimann looks back to a decade of experience in global business development. Holger is an expert in selecting, entering and developing international markets, mainly with engineered products, machines and components. In his career Holger has successfully worked with more than twenty different business cultures and on all continents.

Holger is the rare example of a German who naturally adopted the American “Can-Do” business attitude and the creative positivism coming along with it. He is the perfect pilot and navigator both for Europeans who are challenged by the American business culture AND for Americans struggling to finally fully understand Europe and the Europeans. Holger is also an expert in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions and is supporting our projects for North American clients in these promising and at the same time challenging emerging marketplaces. 

Holger Deimann is the first of our team of executive advisors. Executive Advisors are professionals who support our clients and projects while still working in the industry. Holger is president of CERTUSS America L.P. in Philadelphia and has developed most of the overseas markets for CERTUSS, a German manufacturer of modern steam generators for industrial applications. Since 2013 Holger is Overseas Sales & Marketing Executive in the German CERTUSS organization.

In our team Holger shares his experience in how to select the right markets and most important how to identify, onboard and successfully manage distribution partners globally. Having managed CERTUSS American success story from being a nobody with a great product to seriously challenging the market leaders qualifies him perfectly as advisor to any foreign business ready to conquer the American market (or struggling in doing so).

Holger started his career as International Communication Expert while completing his training as “Industrial Merchant & Specialist” according to the German Vocational Training system at NATO RHQ AFNORTH in Brussum, Netherlands. He completed his academic education  with Studies as “Commercial Engineer” at the University of Applied Sciences “Hochschule Niederrhein” in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Project languages: English and German

Office       (+1) 215.279.9040
Cell          (+1) 267.945.1840
Germany  (+49) 170.635.3682

Email  deimann(at)ahp-international.com